Signe Olivarius

After obtaining my master’s degree in Biology from University of Copenhagen, I have gained experience in experimental molecular biology from research positions at University of Toronto and RIKEN Yokohama Institute. Currently, I am a PhD student in Vinther Lab. I am interested in the functions of noncoding RNA and in the regulatory networks involving both proteins and various types of regulatory RNA molecules and structures.

In COAT, my research focuses on the interactions between oligonucleotides and proteins. Besides binding to endogenous nucleic acids via base-to-base hybridization, oligonucleotide drugs interact with proteins, and such interactions have the potential to influence oligo properties such as potency, tissue distribution, and toxicity. Using a pulldown approach combined with liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, I work on determining the protein interaction profiles of LNA oligos with varying chemical properties, toxicity levels, and tissue distribution profiles. This will increase the mechanistic understanding of oligo behavior and make it possible to correlate protein binding profiles of oligos with desired as well as unwanted drug properties, thereby facilitating the design of safe and efficient drugs.

This project is a part of work package 5 (RNA drug tolerability).

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