Sidsel Kramshøj Adolph

I have a master in Biochemistry and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Copenhagen. After my PhD I have worked as a Research Scientist in the two small Biotech companies, Liplasome Pharma and Mirrx Therapeutics. At present I am working as Post Doc at Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, funded by COAT.

I am interested in RNA biology, in particular regulation of mRNA localization and stability through RNA binding proteins, miRNAs and other ncRNAs.

My role in COAT is to carry out experimental work related to workpackage 3, where we are currently working on setting up the UV-crosslinking and immunoprecipitation technology (CLIP) to study direct RNA-protein interactions in different cellsystems and organisms.

Staining of the RNA-binding protein dIMP (green) in a late Drosophila embryo along with the peripheral neuronal marker Futch (red). (Adolph et al, 2009)

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