Lukasz Jan Kielpinski

Targeting disease related mRNA molecules via antisense drugs promises fast-track development of cure for many diseases. Due to RNA folding into structures and being covered with proteins, development of new drugs must take into account RNA accessibility (here defined as ability of given stretch of RNA to stably interact with complementary antisense drug).

My research focuses on applying Next Generation Sequencing for investigating properties of RNA molecules, especially experimental evaluation of transcriptome accessibility and global RNA structure probing (COAT WP1 and WP2)

I have graduated Biotechnology from Poznan University of Life Sciences (Poland) obtaining MSc title with specialization in genetic diagnostics. I have performed research for my master thesis at The Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry in Poznan, where I have studied microRNA biogenesis. This exciting field brought my interest towards RNA biology which resulted in joining RNA Biology Group at University of Copenhagen as a PhD student in September 2010. Contact information

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