Jan Christiansen

Jan Christiansen

My group has a long-term interest in RNA molecular biology, and our focus is on post-transcriptional events such as RNA localization, RNA stability, and translational control, with an emphasis on the role of cytoplasmic RNA-binding proteins expressed during fetal life and oncogenesis. We employ biochemical, cell-biological and organism approaches to address these issues, combined with an increasing use of high-throughput technologies.

The role of our group in COAT is to establish the UV-crosslinking & immunoprecipitation  technology (CLIP) in order to study direct RNA-protein interactions; and we are mainly responsible for work package 3. Moreover, we are also contributing to various aspects in work package 6, such as experimental validation of predicted higher-order RNA structures.



Members in my group that are attached to COAT:

  • Sidsel Kramshøj Adolph
  • Heidi Hansen

Predicted secondary RNA structure in XIST transcript validated by double-strand specific V1 nuclease and in-line probing (Mg).

The “moon landscape” is from a cover picture in Journal of Cell Science illustrating the perinuclear and granular localization of an RNA-binding protein in a fibroblast.

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