I am a computational biologist, with a research background in comparative genomics, now working on gene regulation at a cancer genomics department. I did my Ph.D. with Prof. Jotun Hein (Aarhus University & University of Oxford), a Post Doc with Prof. David Haussler (UCSC), worked as assistant professor at the Bioinformatics Centre (University of Copenhagen) and am now an associate professor at Department of Molecular Medicine (Aarhus University).

My group uses genomics data to better understand gene regulation in health and disease, specifically post-transcriptional regulation and the regulatory roles of non-coding RNAs. We work computationally and often address scientific questions by probabilistic modeling and integration of multiple data types. Comparative genomics plays a central role, as it provides a rich source of information on functional, regulatory elements and their interactions, which is independent and complementary to experimental evidence.

In COAT, we collaborate on the mapping of RNA structure transcriptome-wide. For this, we are developing a method for RNA secondary structure prediction that integrates multiple types of experimental data with comparative data. We will later be involved in the analysis of these results and their consequences for post-transcriptional regulation.

COAT projects we are involved in:

  • RNA structure mapping (with Vinther, Krogh, and Salama / Haussler groups)
  • Analysis of post-transcriptional regulation¬† (with Vinther, Krog, Lund, Sander, Salama / Haussler)

Group members associated with COAT:

  • Sudhakar Sahoo


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