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Leveraging transcriptomics for antisense oligonucleotide drug discovery

Advances in massive parallel sequencing provide an unprecedented ability to survey the transcriptome. Sequencing-based approaches allow studying globally not only RNA abundance and splice isoforms, but also structure and accessibility, binding of proteins, as well as rates of turnover—all of

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Antisense oligonucleotides can bind too strongly

Central to the development of RNase H-recruiting antisense oligonucleotides for therapeutics lies efforts in medicinal chemistry to improve oligonucleotide stability, pharmacy owner salary canada / cheapest pharmacy for cialis / discount online us pharmacy / viagraonline-4betterlife / cialis online biodistribution,

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Toxicity of antisense oligonucleotides can be predicted

When antisense oligonucleotides are dosed systemically in rodents, injury to the liver is sometimes seen. The liver is one of the organs that accumulate the most oligonucleotides, and this may be part of the reason. However, some oligonucleotides can accumulate

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PhD positions at the Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen

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