Installing RStudio Server on Mac OS X Mavericks

RStudio Server provides a browser based interface to a version of R running on a remote computer. It is only supported on linux, though. We have just ordered the new Mac Pro and want to run RStudio Server from that computer. The tutorial in this link works great (on our iMac), except that for Mavericks specifically, Ant (a tool to help build Java applications) has to be installed “manually”, before step 4 in the tutorial will work (specifically sudo make install).


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do this, type

sudo port install apache-ant

in the terminal with macports installed.


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3 comments on “Installing RStudio Server on Mac OS X Mavericks
  1. Ian Gow says:

    On my machine, “port installed | grep ant” gives “apache-ant @1.9.2_0 (active)”. So I guess this must’ve been installed as a dependency for something else. I added this to my posted install routine. Thanks.

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